Around the Mas de l'Amme

Valréas is at the heart of the Enclave des papes, a territory of Vaucluse in the department of Drôme!

The origin of the Enclave des Papes dates back to the 13th century . Rome experienced a period of struggle marked by violent clashes. Destabilized and feeling threatened, the Popes left Rome to settle in Avignon (1309) .

Pope John XXII was very ill on his return from Lyon, where he had just been elected (1317). On the way, he tasted the wine of Valréas , felt much better and recovered quickly. He concluded that this wine was miraculous! To dispose of it at his convenience, he bought Valréas and its vineyards from the State of Dauphiné. Subsequently, the territory grew with Richerenches , thanks to the inheritance of the goods of the Templars, Visan and Grillon .

But, curiously, by delimiting the new lands acquired, the papal administration noticed that a strip of land (Tulette) separated the current Vaucluse from the enclave. The Pope wanted to buy this land from the King of France, but the latter, worried about the progress of the Holy See, refused to sell: The Enclave was born!

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An environment rich in cultural heritage, outdoor activities, local products ...

  • Breathe lavender at the top of your lungs

  • Taste the wines from our estates

  • Stroll on the papal landmarks

  • Discover in the natural park of the baronnies with the paraglider or the via ferrata

  • Browse the hilltop villages (Montbrun-les-Bains, La Garde-Adhémar, Poët-Laval ...)

  • Visit of the mythical Mont Ventoux

  • Taste black olives from Nyons as an aperitif

  • Truffle market (winter season)

  • Crunch the Montélimar nougat

  • Admire the pottery of Dieulefit

  • Observe vultures in Rémuzat

  • Discover the crocodile farm

  • Visit the castle of Grignan and the castle of Simiane in Valréas

  • Wandering through the local markets ...

olives de Nyons
La ferme aux crocodiles
Poteries de Dieulefit
via ferrata
Village perché
vautours à Rémuzat
nougat de Montélimar
marché aux truffes
dégustation de vin
Le mont Ventoux
château de Simiane
château de Grignan
marché de Nyons